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Dear Patrons,

This letter is to address a recent complaint we have received regarding fraudulent free carwash coupons that were sold and distributed through Chantilly High School. The school received the coupons from the “First Team Sports Fund Raising” business organization who printed them without the proper – or any – approval of our company.

We have worked together with the organization the previous year to release a similar coupon but our agreement was only for a single year. Since the agreement we had no contact with the company until this mishap occurred. When customers arrived with brand new gift certificates claiming that they had already paid for a carwash it was extremely confusing and frustrating for us as well as the customer. Not only has the First Team Sports Fund Raising group, an outside business, undermined our business’ authority, but advertised and distributed illicitly produced merchandise.

Our request for an explanation by the company was at first that they had no idea how this could have happened. They then later refuted and said that they had actually received the signature to renew the coupons. This is untrue. When we had asked them to provide said paperwork they could not do so. They had promised to stop the distribution of the gift certificates and unprofessionally told us to that they did not know what to do. We have consistently tried re-contacting the organization but our attempts to do so have been ignored. The First Team Sports Fund Raising group has even failed to notify those who bought the fraudulent gift certificates or even take any responsibility. Instead, furious customers have caused scenes in our establishment and written disparaging public letters about our business.

As a family-run operation, our business takes pride in being an active community participant and supporter. We have hosted car washes in order to aid local organizations in fund raising and have donated to several local schools. Because of this illicit act, we deal with angry patrons daily and our business has suffered from slanderous accusations based on this incident, detracting from our business’ mission to continue being active members of the community.

We apologize to those who, through their generosity, purchased these coupons with the understanding that they were contributing to a charitable cause, but the coupons cannot be honored. There has been an ongoing investigation regarding this issue, and legal action will be taken if found to be appropriate.

Anyone who wishes to take up their complaints to the First Team Sports Fund Raising business organization personally can contact them at 1-888-878-0014. We ask that people do so to help right this wrong.

Thank you for your understanding.